Thomas Davenport (1615-1685), the first of my Davenport line in America, was born in England and shown to be active in the militia in Dorchester, MA in 1637. My mother was the last person in my line to be born with the surname, her brother had two grandsons who continue the legacy. Davenport Lineage


The last of this short branch of my family tree was my 2nd great-grandmother, Maria L. (Sherwood) Davenport (1845-1925) who was born in Cayutaville, NY to Dr. Amaziah Church Sherwood (1815-1860) and Lucy Ann (Beebe) Sherwood (1822-1901). Dr. A. C. Sherwood is a genealogical “brick wall” and these are the only two known generations with the Sherwood surname. Please visit my other blog, The Cayutaville Quilt and Other Stories for more information on these two generations.


The last person in my family tree to be born with the surname of Purdy was my 3rd great-grandmother, Hannah (Purdy) Davenport (1805-1881). Francis Purdy (1587-1658) was born in Brundell, England and settled in Fairfield, CT. His son, John Francis Purdy (1650-1722) was an original proprietor of Rye, NY. He first settled on Manursing Island which today is quite literally, Playland.


The end of my Beebe ancestry is represented by my 3rd great-grandmother, Lucy Ann (Beebe) Sherwood Culver (1822-1901), the daughter of John and Lydia (Palmer) Beebe. She was born in Montville, CT and moved with her family to Cayutaville, NY at a young age. The progenitor of this Beebe family seems to be Samuel Beebe (1633-1712) who was born in Broughton, England and is buried on Plum Island.


Walter Palmer (1585–1661) helped in the founding of Charlestown, MA; Rehoboth, RI; and Stonington, CT. He is most likely the founder of the Palmer surname that lasted until my 4th great-grandmother, Lydia (Palmer) Beebe (1784-1856). She was born in Salem, CT to Samuel and Thankful (Clarke) Palmer, and is buried in the cemetery in Cayutaville, NY.