My 1st great-grandmother, Clara Hurd (Everts) Davenport (1873-1940) is the last ancestor in my family who was born with the surname of Everts. She was the daughter of Aranthus Watkins Everts (1828-1904) and Harriet (Everts) Everts (1833-1902) who were 1st-cousins once-removed. John Evarts (1601-1669) came from Hertfordshire, England in the 1630s and was an original settler of Guilford, CT.


Deacon John Leavitt (1608-1691) arrived in Massachusetts and settled near Plymouth in 1628. Anna (Leavitt) Everts (1804-1876) was the daughter of Josiah Gold Leavitt, Jr. (1777-1860) and Mary Abbott (1775-1842). She married my 3rd great-grandfather, Alanson G. Everts. Further back along this family line are the surnames of Burr, Sherwood and Gould — early Fairfield County, CT settlers.


My 3rd great-grandfather, John Everts (1793-1849) married Hannah Wightman (1792-1856) who was the daughter of John Wightman (1760-1820). John Everts’ brother, Daniel Everts (1788-1827) married Mary Ann Wightman who was Hannah’s sister. And this is the extent of my knowledge of the Wightman surname in my ancestry.


In 1780 Mary “Molly” “Polly” (Hurd) Everts (1754-1817) married Revolutionary War veteran, Daniel Everts (1749-1833) in Killingworth, CT near Guilford. Her father, Daniel Hurd (1696-1768), whose forebears had settled in Fairfield CT, was an early settler of Killingworth, CT. Daniel and Polly Everts were original settlers of Hector, NY in 1794.


Margaret “Peg” (Mathews) Everts is the last of the Mathews surname in my family tree. She married my 4th great-grandfather, Aranthus Everts (1782-1867) in Hector, NY. The progenitor of the Mathews name in America appears to be John Mathews (1595-1659) who settled in Massachusetts in the 1630s.


My 5th great-grandparents, Amasa Mathews (1751-1829) and Rebecca (Kortright) Mathews (1753-1838) were living in Newburgh, NY, when they were visited by George Washington in 1782. The origin of the Kortright name goes back to the Dutch settlement of New Haarlem in New Amsterdam under Peter Stuyvesant. The Kortrights were prominent shipping merchants in 18th century New York City.